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Professionalism and Safety...

Our professional FAA certified commercial pilots are seasoned, professional experts in hot air balloon flight. In keeping with current FAA regulations, our pilots undergo a rigorous training program and renew their ratings by passing a Biennial Flight Review administered by a commercial balloon pilot. We value your safety as well as our own. Thanks to strict federal and state regulations, hot air ballooning is one of the safest forms of aviation today.

Panoramas commitment to safety is always foremost. We will not fly in unsafe conditions, or in unsafe balloons. Our equipment is inspected periodically by FAA certified inspectors, per FAA regulations. Several of our competitors claim to have perfect safety records, make sure you ask if they have had ANY accidents or "FAA incidents" before you book a flight with anyone. Before every flight our Pilot and ground crew inspect the balloon, envelope, rigging and gondola. Watch us prepare for flight and you'll see the many safety checks we make. Any Panorama employee or Pilot may abort a flight, or delay a takeoff for any reason.

Additionally, Panorama does not require, or allow, passengers to assist in launch, flight, landing or balloon handling operations. We feel that your job is to enjoy the ballooning experience, not to assist us in lieu of professional crew members.\

A word about the environment . . .

A hot air balloon is an environmentally clean propane powered aircraft. The propane used to provide lift is completely burned and leaves no fumes or exhaust.

We want to take care of the land we use for take-offs and landings. The areas we use are the undeveloped and the landowners are very concerned about preserving the natural beauty. Please don't litter and help us all keep ballooning a clean sport.

Our balloons are equipped with livestock burners to avoid startling horses as we fly over horse farms and livestock farms. These animals are not only expensive, but can be easily frightened into fences by the sounds of our regular burners. The livestock burners are much quieter and are used during certain flights to avoid these problems.

Many sunset flights offer a view of coyotes, deer, sea-birds and other wild animals. Bring your cameras!

Booking a Hot Air Balloon flight is easy and fast.
Make a Reservation Now! We will confirm your reservation by phone within 24 hours.

(These low rates cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons or promotions) (Please read our cancellation policy)
Flight Times are approximate (depends on time of year) Typically we meet 2 hours before sunset

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