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What to wear and what to bring on a hot air balloon trip?

What should I wear?

Ballooning is an outdoor sport activity, so you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in and the type of clothing that you would expect to wear for a walk in the countryside on the day you fly. For women, climbing into the gondola will be very awkward in a dress or skirt. There really is no need to over-dress during the summer months.

It is strongly recommended that all shoes worn should have flat soles. High heels and platforms will be very difficult to walk in over rough terrain. We often land on farms and in open undeveloped country. You will not have to walk far, but, open toe and high-heeled shoes are an invitation for a thorn or twisted ankle.

It also helps if the majority of upper and outer clothing is made of cotton rather than man-made fibres. Taller passengers may find a hat useful during the summer months.

Can I take a camera?

Absolutely, there is always plenty to photograph both prior to the flight, during and afterwards. You may bring a video camera also. We recommend that you have a suitable soft case, including carry strap, with you to stow and protect the camera during the landing, since you will have both hands on the padded gondola rails. Bring plenty of film. Panoramic cameras are nice for scenery, but not so good for close-up people shots. If in doubt, bring both types or, a multi-view camera.

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