5 Must-Know Sports Events in the USA

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5 Must-Know Sports Events in the USA

9 November 2020 History and Facts Sports News 0

Without a doubt, the USA has a large number of sporting events that bring together thousands of fans and sports betting experts every time a game is played. Below, you can read about some of those sports events.

US Open Tennis

The US Open has been held every year since 1891. It’s held the week before and after the Labor Day weekend. It’s the only Slam that uses the tiebreaker in the final set.

In 1997 the largest tennis stadium in the world called Arthur Ashe was opened by the USTA. It is the name of the tennis player and former US Davis Cup captain.

MLB- All-Star Games

The first game of the stars was held on July 6, 1933. The game was created by the Chicago Tribune sportswriter Arch Ward. The original idea was that the game would be held at the same time as the Chicago Century of Progress exhibition.

During the 1934 game, something unique in history happened. Carl Hubbell, the pitcher, struck out five Hall of Fame members consecutively. Among them were Gehrig, Jimmy Foxx, Ruth, Joe Cronin, and Al Simmons.


In 1934 the first Masters was held in Augusta, Georgia. It was in this city where the legendary golfer Bobby Jones built the perfect golf course for these competitions.

The first Masters was televised in 1956 by CBS. Although only the last four holes were televised, it has been broadcast every year since then. However, it was not until 2000 that CBS could broadcast the games from start to finish. Before that, it could only broadcast the last 18 holes to increase the audience rating.

Only members on a sponsorship list can get tickets to the Masters.

Super Bowl

There is no doubt that the Super Bowl is the most popular sporting event of all. Every year it breaks audience records. This is also because before the second half of the game, world music stars are presented to entertain everyone.

Final Four

The first NCAA tournament was held in 1939. It has been televised since 1962. Since John Wooden and UCLA became famous, the tournament began to gain momentum.

The Final Four is still the most popular and highest-scoring college basketball game in history.

By 1979, it became one of the most popular sporting events in the United States after the Magic Johnson-Michigan State-Larry Bird game.

A recent agreement was reached for $10.8 million for CBS and TBS to broadcast the games through 2024.

These are some of the most popular sporting events held in the United States. Each has a unique entertainment and organization, which makes them popular not only within the country but around the world.

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