Fedor Konuykhov – A Life in the Air

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Fedor Konuykhov – A Life in the Air

30 September 2020 History and Facts Sports News 0

Fedor Konyukhov is an artist and visionary unique in his style. Below you can read a little more about his life and his legacy.

Early Life

Fedor Konuykhov was born in Chkalovo, a village in the southeast of Ukraine on December 12, 1951. His father was a well-known fisherman in the Sea of Azov. From a very young age, he attended classes at the nautical school in Odessa. He managed to become a specialist in polar navigation. Later, he worked as a navigator and marine engineer.

For three years, he was in the Soviet Navy. He worked as a sailor. This was before studying for an art degree. After obtaining the degree, he worked as a professional artist. He became the youngest member of the Union of Artists of the USSR in 1983.

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Professional Life

By 1990, Fedor was dedicated to mountaineering. He climbed the highest peak of the seven continents when he competed in the Seven Summits.

During 1992 and 1997, he managed to climb Mount Elbrus, Everest, Aconcagua, Mount Vison, Kilimanjaro, Denali, and the Kosciusko located in Australia.

In 2012, he climbed Everest again to commemorate the 20th anniversary of his first climb.

The World of Balloon Royalty

His promotion to the exclusive round-the-world balloon club was really fast. He had 250 hours of flight in hot air and gas balloons. This, before leaving Australia on July 12, 2016. He flew solo all over the world. He spent 11 days in a closed capsule almost the size of a bathtub.

He maintained a route to the east, traveling through Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific. When he reached the coast of South America, he rose to the top of Aconcagua. This is the highest mountain on the continent.

He followed his route to the Atlantic, where he went through thunderstorms. It reached heights of up to 10,500 m.

From there, it went to the Indian Ocean. During a thunderstorm, he was afraid for his life because he thought the balloon would be destroyed by lightning. Fortunately, he managed to follow through a flow of air that took him on a loop at 60 degrees south.

He returned to the north and after 268 hours and 20 minutes, he landed in the same place where he had taken off,very close to the city of Northam in Western Australia.

He managed to break a record covering 33,521km around the world. He beat Steve Fossett with his 2002 record of 52 hours and 13 minutes.


In 2016, Fedor Konyukhov received the FAI Pilot of the Year award for his achievements in flying soloin a balloon around the world.

Fedor Konyukhov has inspired many plays, stories, and films with his hot-air balloon adventures. His legacy will be remembered forever.