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Discover the History of US Sports

Rich US Sports History Summary by Sport

The history of sport in the USA is one of the most interesting. Its antiquity dates back many centuries. The USA is a true sports powerhouse to be followed. Baseball Baseball is considered the national sport and it’s only surpassed by American football. The Europeans introduced it to the country in the 18th century. In…
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7 January 2021 0

Del Mar, Air Sports, and History – A Short Review

The first flight on hot-air balloon dates back to 1782. History of Air Sports The birth of the modern aviation era was born in the 20th century with the pioneering flights of pilots like the Wright brothers, Clement Ader and Santos-Dumont. On June 10, 1905, Count Henri de la Vaulx, Vice President of the Aero…
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7 December 2020 0

5 Must-Know Sports Events in the USA

Without a doubt, the USA has a large number of sporting events that bring together thousands of fans and sports betting experts every time a game is played. Below, you can read about some of those sports events. US Open Tennis The US Open has been held every year since 1891. It’s held the week…
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9 November 2020 0

From the 18th Century ’till Now – Sports Betting in the USA

The history of sports in the United States is very extensive and this goes hand in hand with sports betting. For centuries, sports betting has had a great role, bringing fun to more than one. However, just as it had its golden ages, it also had its dark ages. The Beginnings Betting on horses has…
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7 October 2020 0

Fedor Konuykhov – A Life in the Air

Fedor Konyukhov is an artist and visionary unique in his style. Below you can read a little more about his life and his legacy. Early Life Fedor Konuykhov was born in Chkalovo, a village in the southeast of Ukraine on December 12, 1951. His father was a well-known fisherman in the Sea of Azov. From…
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30 September 2020 0